It’s just not any old gun to us!
My name is Andrew Vovou and I am the owner of Bullit Consulting. We are named after my pup Bullitt who was named after Roy Rogers dog and the best movie ever created, Steve McQueen’s Bullitt. My full time job is an insurance agent with two of the best friends and business people I have ever known but I am a classic overachiever and needed something to fill my free time with. About 2 years ago I got into the firearm accessory business by chance and finally felt like it was time to get our FFL. What prompted this was recently moving to the International Peach Capital, Johnston South Carolina and it felt like timing was perfect to expand this word of mouth/referral based business to being licensed to sell firearms. With my years of experience as a lover and collector of firearms, I can help you if you are having issues with your gun, want to add some upgrades, customize it with coatings and soon restore guns to their former glory with our hot bluing (July 2018 est). While the majority of my expertise is in the AR world being a long time owner and lover of various firearms we can help with most things and if it is beyond my personal or my shops capabilities I have a great network of other professionals I can refer you to. We will not take on work we cannot accomplish. Please message us if you have any questions or needs!

Contact us:
601 Mccreight st 
PO BOX 146
Johnston, SC 29832